Monday, August 24, 2009

HILL UNIVERSITY announces lifetime services for its alumni

HILL UNIVERSITY remains firmly committed to establishing and maintaining a relationship with its alumni and to providing trouble-free and accessible services and constant communications to them.

HILL UNIVERSITY has announced an array of services for its alumni which will facilitate their connection with HILL UNIVERSITY even after graduation. Unlike other online institutions, HILL UNIVERSITY continues to help its students once they finish their studies and these services have been launched to help all the graduates.

HILL UNIVERSITY now provides a personalized and user friendly alumni area, as soon as a student graduates or secures their desired certification. The area permits alumni to easily access all the alumni services and manage their ongoing relationship with HILL. It permits alumni to easily update their details including the contact information. With this area, alumni can easily request all the required documents such as their degree or diploma certificates, transcripts and enrollment letter. The alumni area acts as a gateway to be in touch with all the latest happenings at HILL. Alumni can read news and resources and all additions to HILL UNIVERSITY offerings.

The alumni area also includes recommendations on other programs or majors that might interest the alumni. It is a great way to plan their future and avail academic advice to further their education.

HILL UNIVERSITY carries its commitment to its alumni further by providing a free lifetime credentials verification service to all alumni. This service permits them to have all their credentials easily verified through online document verification system, phone, fax and email. This service is aimed to help alumni in the verification of their documents to their employer, college or anyone else.

The addition of alumni services to HILL UNIVERSITY further secures its position in being the leading distance learning institution in the world.