Monday, June 22, 2009

Hill University Testimonials

“I came to your University on my friend’s insistence. After looking at various aspects such as student services and accreditation details etc, I decided to enroll in Hill University’s bachelor’s degree program. I am really glad on the fact that there is a university which recognizes life experience.”
Shane McCoy

“I was running my own pharmacy store for the last couple of years. During this period I learned a lot about pharmacy and medicines. Hill University provided me with an opportunity to translate my experience into an accredited and recognized degree. I consider myself lucky because everyone does not always get such a lucrative chance.”
Diana Miller

“Although I was already holding the post of human resource manager, I lacked a degree in this specific area and always felt the lack. Thanks to Hill University, I now have a degree recognizing my invaluable work experience.”
Lorraine Thomas

“The law degree is highly respected in legal circles. It was an excellent opportunity for me to get a degree in law for my career as a Barrister.”
Phil Jackson

“I couldn’t find the major fire science in any other university, but it is being offered by you people. Thanks a lot”.
Steven Hanks

“My dream came true when I received my doctorate degree and the much awaited promotion in my department. Your services are great too!”
William Copper

“The majors offered in all the programs are relevant and up-to-date. They meet the requirements of today’s professional world. You guys are doing a nice job in assisting working adults earn recognized degrees.”
Jessica Lewinsky

“I had applied at other universities too for my Bachelor’s Degree but none of them recognized my experience the way Hill University did. I received my degree within a few days of placing the order.”
Henry Jacob

“My friend Joan never believed in getting a degree without actually attending classes. But, when she saw how recognized and acceptable it is nowadays, she not only ordered one for herself, but also convinced me in applying for my Bachelor’s Degree. We both are now enjoying the benefits that are being offered at your university.”

“Although I had relevant experience for my Bachelor’s Degree, yet the other universities were not recognizing it completely. Thank God, I came here and applied for my degree in Information Technology. I find your ordering process simple and efficient, and above all, successful.”
Ben Joseph

“I had received my Bachelor’s in IT from your university some 4 years back. And since then, I had been working really hard at my job, so that I can gain my work experience that would be equivalent to your Master’s admission requirement. And just yesterday when I received my Master’s Degree parcel from Hill, it seemed to me that my long-time dream came true. Your superb services are always a big help!”
Brian Collins

“I am truly impressed by your recognized degree programs. Just recently, after getting my Master’s Degree from your university I switched to this new job of mine. After a day or so, I found out that my boss also has his Doctorate Degree from Hill. He told me that many of his friends also have various degrees for your university. I am proud to own a degree from such a recognized university!”
McKinson Dick

“I was running my export and import business for the last 15 years, but recently due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to shut it down. In order to support my family I needed a job, but it seemed that every employer required a minimum of Master’s Degree. At this age of 45, I could not even imagine to join a university. But when a friend told me about your online life experience degree program without wasting any further time, I applied here. Today I hold a degree on the basis of my learning and experience and that is something I am going to cherish all my life.”
Jim Daniel